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Experience Karaoke Box: Private karaoke rooms and a cocktail bar in one place.


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BACK to BAC Karaoké Marseille

A new karaoke experience

Live a karaoke experience that you will remember for a long time!

Private karaoke in private lounges is the new favorite leisure activity of the French! And at BACK to BAC, we bend over backwards to make you happy! Read our Google reviews and you’ll understand that at our place, the customer is king. We offer private karaoke rooms so you can sing in complete privacy. Whether it’s for your bachelorette party, your birthday or your company event, we’re here to meet your expectations and make your evening an unforgettable event. Contact us to book your personalized karaoke night now! From groups of 2 to 60 people, our establishment will welcome you in a cozy and warm atmosphere that will make you rediscover a much more modern version of karaoke than the one you already know. We have rooms available for any type of event, ranging from small evenings with friends to large corporate celebrations. Enjoy our cocktail bar area to discover cocktails that are as good as they are creative. Our cocktail menu is constantly updated to offer you new taste experiences. Our head mixologist bartender will be happy to let you taste his latest creations of cocktails with and without alcohol.

Doesn't everyone love singing, don't you?

Whether you’re 8, 20 or 60 years old, you’ve probably already sung in a karaoke or in the shower! Singing with friends is always fun and it’s a timeless activity that everyone, young and old, will enjoy. In fact, if you look at our catalog, you’ll see that we have over 54,000 songs, from Celine Dion to Maître GIMS to DIAMS, to satisfy all tastes, even the most… unusual! We have soundproof boxes to sing up to 60 people, or just two if you prefer. Come and discover our modern version of karaoke in a super warm and friendly atmosphere. And why not take the opportunity to try our cocktail bar? Our cocktails are absolutely delicious and original, our bar chef mixologist will be delighted to let you taste his latest recipes, with or without alcohol!

So? Do you want to know how to book without any further delay?

To book your karaoke session at BACK to BAC, it’s easy! Go to the reservation page of your chosen city and follow the instructions. Simply select the date, time, and number of participants, pay for your spot, and you’re all set! Your friends can pay for their spots on the day of the session by card or cash.

How much does a karaoke session cost?

A 1h45 karaoke and laughter session costs 18€ per person, with an additional hour and forty-five minutes priced at 9€ per person. Non-alcoholic cocktails are 8€, alcoholic cocktails start at 9€. You will have a blast at BACK to BAC in Marseille and impress your friends. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email for any special requests – we value your satisfaction above all else!